Functional Characteristics

They can be installed both vertically and horizontally and do not require any type of tool for assembly. Widely used in Electrical and / or Telecommunications Channels, it is a very versatile piece, since you can add as many modules as necessary, in multiples of 4. The Separator has the function of aligning and distancing the tubes.

Normally all our spacers / separators leave the factory, already assembled to facilitate the routing of pipes on site.


Thanks to the system (patented) anchoring each other, they are stacked in bundles fastened with flanges. The pallets are composed of packages and shrink-wrapped in transparent plastic, thanks to which they can be stored outdoors without suffering any damage.


The Telecommunications Companies advise the following DISTANCES BETWEEN SPACERS-SEPARATORS:

Spacer from 63 Ø to 125 Ø 
≤ 800 m / m

Spacer from 160 Ø to 200 Ø  ≤  1,000 m / m

Spacer of 250 Ø  ≤  2,000 m / m

It is also very important to keep in mind that these distances must be reduced in prisms greater than 4 tubes.

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